Tips To Choose The Best Timber Decking For Remodeling

In today’s time, who doesn’t like wood flooring in their home, but it is very important to choose the right wood for the floor of the house. It is important to find the perfect decking that should ideally last for 15 years and has high durability. Although the life span of decking can be increased by taking some measures, but it’s vital to choose the right timber decking services for the flooring of your home. So which timber is exactly the right option for decking remodeling?
Timber decking material can be classified into three main sets: softwood decking, hardwood decking and compositedecking. These classifications include different types of decks and you have to make the right choice by comparing these options. Let’s dig in to the comparisons to make or decision easier.

Softwood Decking

Softwood material naturally comes from evergreen coniferous trees and is a quite common choice for decking remodeling. Softwood decking is a cheaper option and easier to manage as compared to hardwood material. Softwood decking has an amazing inbuilt feature of resistance to weathering, and termites, that reduces its maintenance cost. Softwood contains synthetic material and it has naturally pale color, which makes it very versatile and can fit in anywhere.

Hardwood Decking

Hardwood timber material is considered as an excellent choice for floor decking. It is naturally more durable, resilient to pests and rot. It has a natural advantage that it is richer in colour, textureand grain. Apart from the benefits it come with an extra cost and is more expensive as compared to other options available in market. There are various types of hardwood timber decking is available in the market. Some of them are primarily stocked by softwoods are;

  • Merbau; Its color is deep re brown and it is highly durable in material.
  • Kapur; It is quite similar to Merbau and had light reddish brown color, with great grains inbuilt in it.
  • Spotted Gum; Its durability is high, similar to Merbau and has light to dark color. The distinctive feature of this material is that it has wavy pattern in its grain.
  • Ironbark; Its material is very strong and has high life expectancy which means you don’t have to spend extra cost to change it regularly. It has light grey, red and dark brown color.
  • Jarrah; Its material is not strong as compared to other decking materials, but is very durable. It has a very vibrant red brown color.

Composite Decking Options

A large variety of composite decking have come to Australia in the ten years or so. Composite decking is available in variety of shades and textures and of different sizes and widths. It is noticed that there are issues with the quality of composite decking material from the past few years. It has been seen the product can absorbb water and its boards swell as well. The material also gets too hot in direct sunlight and has tendency to stain as well.

What are the main points to Consider When Choosing Your Decking?

  • Use: Is your deck flooring experiences a lot of traffic? Where it is actually installed? Undercover or directly exposed to sunlight? Which decking board would suit your lifestyle, your house color combination?
  • Weather: Is your decking is installed in your outdoors? Is it exposed to sun, rain and snow?
  • Cost: When choosing decking it’s important to keep your budget in your mind. Choose a product that fits your budget and is also of high quality.

Timber decking is by far the best option available in market. As it has an aesthetic look with beautiful grains that will surely enhance the look of the spot where it will be installed. Think very carefully about what kind of deck you want and choose the timber decking near me that enhances the look of the home.