Popular Types of Timber Slabs and the Unique Methods in Which They can be Used


Wood is one of the most popular building materials and is often used for many different types of furniture items as well. It is useful to build a wide range of architectural projects, the major advantage being it adds a sense of character to the furniture items. Some of the other advantages of using timber include that it is energy efficient, and durable. The fact that the furniture designed using timber is usually long-lasting is an added advantage. This article goes on to describe the types of popular timbers and their applications. It is a must-read for those searching for timber slabs for sale in Melbourne.

Types of Timber Slabs

Timber has various properties that make it one of the most popular types of wood for many different types of applications. The fact that it is highly durable, resistant to termites, 100% recyclable, does not decay makes it optimal for many uses. Hardwood is often the prefered type of timber for decking and furniture.

Since there are many types of timber like ash, oak, teak, walnut, etc. it is possible to find the type of timber slab that fits your project and budget at the same time. The fact that timber is resistant to termites and decay makes it optimal for many different types of applications. There are many types of timber as listed here:

  • Cedar: This is a highly cost-effective timber that is useful for outdoor furniture and decks.
  • Eucalyptus: This type of wood is very popular in Australia and available in many different varieties. However, it is more expensive compared to other types of timber like cedar.
  • Fir: This is reddish-brown timber that is comparatively softer, but with moderate strength to weight ratio; however it is quite light.
  • Ash: Ash is whitish pale brown coloured wood which is known for its straight attractive grain. It is easy to work with and is often used as a substitute for white oak.
  • Pine: There are several varieties of pine found in Australia like Radiata, Cypress, Hoop pine, etc. This type of timber has low resistance to decay and termites hence need to be chemically treated. However, it is comparatively inexpensive and useful for several types of items around the house.
  • Oak: This is one of the most popular types of timber and has been used for a very long time for many different types of furniture items. It is available in red and white colour and can be allowed to be used for outdoor furniture.

Unique Applications of Timber

It is easy to come across timber in Melbourne like at Aussie Camphor that can be used for many different applications. Listed here are some of the common applications:

  • It is not uncommon for several homeowners to design their outdoor area. Timber slabs are the popular choice for designing the patio; this includes patio furniture like fancy tables, farmhouse tables, swing, couch, chair, etc. The fact that it is resistant to harsh weather conditions makes it the best choice.
  • Timber slabs are also the optimal type of wood for indoor furniture and can be used to build tables, nightstands, kitchen islands and several other types of furniture items.
  • It is optimal for decorative furniture as well since timber is naturally beautiful.
  • Timber slabs are strong, stable and heavy making the best building material for piers, flooring, decking and outdoor furniture.