Timber Decking On Sunshine Coast – Everything You Need To Know


If you are from Sunshine Coast (Australia) then all around the year you must have experienced steady and warm weather. And what can be more fun than enjoying weekend afternoons and nights with your close ones outside? If these are your exact thoughts then how about adding a beautiful and functional timber deck in your yard?

Well, for the starter, you can find many builders and renovation suppliers that offer luxurious outdoor timber decking on Sunshine Coast. Various factors are considered for designing and constructing a deck according to your choice. You might want to construct your deck that emphasizes more on the environment of your backyard.

In this fast-paced life, having a place to relax and unwind is important. Let us understand the process of installing a timber deck and the right selection of material.

Find the purpose of constructing your deck

Before you plan to install a timber deck at your place, it’s important to understand for what purpose you want to construct it. Do you wish to construct the deck for an aesthetic boost? Or just a space for your weekend barbeque party?

When there is clarity about what purpose you need to construct a deck, it`can provide you a satisfying experience once it has been built.

Choosing the right decking material

After finding the purpose of constructing your deck, your next step should be to select the right timber decking material. A wide variety of decking materials made oftimber in Sunshine Coast are readily available. They offer you a few best durable and reasonable range of decking materials that cover your needs and desires.

Types of Materials

There are several different types of timber made material you can choose to opt while constructing your deck. A few of them are mentioned below:

1. Merbau

Grown across Southeast Asia, Merbau decking is a popular option for installing timber decking among Australia. They naturally reside throughout the Pacific Rim region, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Pacific Islands, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea.

Merbau is the most preferred timber decking material by many manufacturers due to its durability and hardness. They are so tough and rugged that to manufacture it, special machinery is used.  The durability factor of Merbau can be attributed to naturally occurring oils in the wood. This allows the material to endure harsh temperatures, climates, and insects and prevents the timber from splitting, cracking, and shrinking.

Although you may easily mistake Merbau as the toughest and most challenging material to work with, They are one of the most malleable hardwoods around. They can be easily turned and bent into any desired shape. Since they are bushfire resistant, People located in areas having high-level bushfires usually prefer to construct their houses with Merbau materials. It has a beautiful deep red colour that displays elegance and looks better with time.

2. Treated Pine

Treated Pine is one of the most commonly used and versatile timbers in the world. This softwood grows in Australia and has been growing rapidly due to its recent demand for timber. Apart from being durable (not as quite durable as Merbau), they are most cost-effective.

One of the best things about using Treated pine for your deck is that they can be painted and stained to match almost any colour scheme.

Deck designing

Inhttps://qld.bunker.net.au/decking/ is designed to keep both your lifestyle and the layout of your house in mind. Proper planning to build your deck will not only save your time but also be budget-friendly.

So much can be created beyond constructing a simple deck, but in the end, it’s worth it. If you are willing to give your house a makeover, then one area worth investing in is an outdoor deck.

The Bunker offers you perfect timber decking solutions that are bound to provide timeless beauty to your outdoors. To transform your backyard into head-turning elegant and aesthetic outdoors, visit Qld.bunker.net.au or simply contact them at (07) 5471 0076.