6 Most Profitable Businesses to Start from Home

Profitable businesses

Another day and you still haven’t finalized which business you should start from your home. Yeah, it happens with everyone who is new in the startup world. Not every startup idea will succeed as there won’t be much audience for that business. It is always better to look for a business that is profitable and has very less risk factors. In this blog, we will look at some of the most profitable businesses to start from home at a very less cost. So, let’s jump right in!

Most Profitable Businesses to Start from Home

Sell Products on Social Media

This sounds crazy to do but this actually works. Here is how it works! You will purchase certain categories of products in bulk and you will list them in social media and marketplaces. When you purchase any item in bulk, you will get the product at a cheaper price. Later, you can list those items on platforms like Facebook marketplace or Instagram. Facebook’s marketplace is one of the most popular platforms to sell your products. Moreover, you can also buy second-hand items from people and sell them in that marketplace. What else you can do is, create your own Facebook page and list your product on your page. Now boost your page in the near location where you can courier your products. Selling products on social media is easy and does not require a lot of capital to start and is one of the most profitable businesses to try from home.

Sell Homemade Products

The demand for handmade and homemade products is really high and is one of the most profitable businesses to invest in. Homemade products could be food products, handicrafts, art, handbags, greeting cards, gifts, etc. If you are good at cooking, you can start a food business from your home. Get a website and an online ordering system by POSApt you will start getting orders directly on your tablet. Just cook for your orders and deliver them to your customers. If cooking is not for you can try gift boxes. Purchase different types of gift items from the market and assemble them in a box with beautiful designs. Now you can promote your gift boxes on social media and get yourself a lot of customers. Similarly, you can invest in handbags, arts, handicrafts, greeting cards, and more based on your personal interest.

Printing On Demand

This is another popular home business that people try and is quite a profitable business as well. Printing on demand means you will have a printer that can print on any product or item. For example, in metal bottles, gift bottles, purses, t-shirts, books, hats, etc. The best part is you do not have to purchase products in bulk and sell them later after printing. You can create digital designs and promote your designs in the marketplaces. Once you have your order, then you can purchase a required product and print your design on the. Because of its potential of being a large business in the future, a lot of people are trying this business from their homes. And guess what? Most of them are quite successful in this business.


Don’t be afraid of this word, as you might have heard a lot about drop-shipping and people are earning thousands of dollars in a single week. Believe it or not, that is true and you can earn a lot only if you are keen to do it. What happens in drop shipping is that you can sell products online that you never purchased or owned. For that, you will need to build an online store and list products from different e-commerce platforms on your website. Whenever anyone purchases anything from your site, you will get a commission from that e-commerce platform. But think of it like you will need to do a lot of promotion for your website initially in your region. Later, it will boom and you will earn a lot of cash.

Content Writing Service

With the evident rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, content writing has become so much easier. A couple of years back, people used to hire content writers who can write around 2 content a day. But the same writer can now write around 10 contents a day thanks to AI tools. With this in mind, learn how to use these AI tools, and learn how to create high-quality content with it. It will take you like 1 month or so to learn content writing. Later, reach out to digital marketing companies or promote your company on social media platforms. Once you start getting deals, you can hire more people and pay them based on per content written.

Online Tutor

Another business that is quite profitable to start from home is online tutoring. In this, you will find some tutors that are teaching in institutes and talk with them to teach in your online course. Later, you will promote your online institute on social media platforms to target students that are looking for that course. The interesting part is that you do not require a physical location to teach your students. As this is online, you can start classes from your house using platforms like Google Meet and Zoom. Moreover, you will only have to pay tutors based on the student count. This is good because, even if there are few students you will have some profit for yourself.

Wrapping Up

Congratulations, you have successfully completed our article on the 6 most profitable businesses to start from home. We hope have found the niche in which you want to do a startup. If you are more of a technical person then we say you should try business like drop shipping and content creation service. But if you are not a technical person, you can try any other business that is listed above in our list. Finally, all the best for your entrepreneurial journey!