Kitchen Tapware: How To Choose The Right One?

Just do what we say, ‘close your eyes and imagine what your dream kitchen looks like’. You’d probably see the colours first of the kitchen elements, type of modern tiles or the surface of counter- you think of your preferred pattern and colours. You think of appliances, dinnerware, taps and cabinets. Isn’t all of these, just eventful?

Understanding the wet part of the kitchen

Do you know exactly the type of kitchen sink orkitchen tapware you want in your kitchen?

This is the most important part of your new kitchen when considering a renovation or considering the layout.

Kitchen, as a whole, apart from cabinets and appliances, your sink and tapware are the most important part of the premise and it becomes the centrepiece, hence it is recommended to spend some time and effort in selecting them. The technology associated with kitchen taps has also evolved, some of the alternatives to a conventional tap include a pull-out spray tap, filter taps, boiling water taps, etc. There is more to a tap than being a device that maintains the pressure of the water. Before you make a decision, read this, as we have explained the styling factor and functionality in this article. 

Essential tips for kitchen tapware

Buying a set of perfect taps for the kitchen is not an easy task especially for first-time buyers. Here are a few tips to get it right:

  • Foremost tip to consider is its functionality and comfort. Select one that makes cooking easy and also helps in maintaining the hygiene of the kitchen.
  • There are several special-purpose taps available, like those that can be unhooked to spray the fruits & vegetables, others for simply washing vessels and those with a goose neck for convenience.
  • The kitchen style can vary like it can be urban, classic, modern, etc. It is best to select the type style that matches the design of your kitchen.
  • The high-spout taps are useful in case one uses bulky containers since they are easy to use, it is also more suitable for cleaning and filling of containers.
  • The type of tap you choose to work should maintain with the current water pressure in the kitchen for good performance. There are several taps that would only work well if the pressure is high, hence installing it in a house with a low-pressure system might not work out well.
  • One of the other important factors to consider is if you require a tap for both cold and hot water; the water pressure and source of water will play a vital role in picking the right tap.
  • The Mono bloc taps are popular since they are available in various styles and have a modern touch. There is also the option of installing a pillar tap that allows a single spout to dispense either hot or cold water as per the tap being used.

It works in your favour to put some thought into buying the best kitchen taps; this will ensure it creates the right effect and that it is also functional. Shopping for kitchen taps will also add a professional touch to your kitchen. For example, investing in a pull-out kitchen tap will ensure a stylish look and make it easier to carry out the cleaning tasks. The spray will allow greater control over the water, make it easier to rinse fruits and vegetables and also make it possible to reach beyond the kitchen sink. Alternatively picking a mixer tap will allow greater control over the temperature of the water and at the same time provide an opportunity to install one of the same styles that goes with the decor.