How to Attain the Optimum Impressions on Your Custom Rubber Stamps?

Rubber Stamps

The custom rubber stamp is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable stationery products. In the corporate spaces, stamps are also a requisite in individual life. You can use the stamps to personalize your gift items. When you ink stamps in Perth, you create the most appealing look for your documents or cards. Besides, in several cases, you can also find the use of ink stamps in the product packages.

Envelops, letterheads, and many more. However, one of the major struggles that every user goes through is getting the finest impressions. Getting a clear impression is what most users struggle with. Despite using it regularly, most of you would struggle to attain the best impression with a full stamp design on the desired paper. If you are also one of them, here are some tips to help you accomplish the best impression with your custom rubber stamps in Perth.

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How to achieve the best stamp impression- A complete guide

#1- Clean your stamps properly and regularly

Having more ink stains is one of the most common problems you can find while using any stamp. This is a common problem that you witness for lacking cleaning of stamps. Most of the users don’t clean them for fear that the ink will spill on their outfits or shoes. However, it is evident that every stamp has a gap between numbers and marks.

Further, they have also raised services. So, when you don’t clean the stamp surfaces, the dirt and dust accumulate between those gaps. This eventually leads you to the imprecise imprint of an impression on the paper. To avoid any such problem, you need to clean your stamp regularly. If everyday washing of your rubber stamps is not possible, clean them once a week. For cleaning the stamp surface, you can use a soft brush.

#2- Check the ink pad

The next reason your stamp impression is not perfect is the ink pad. Your ink pad may not have sufficient, and that is the reason why you are not able to get perfect impressions. Apart from that, dirt and dust also might accumulate in your ink pad. This will result in bad impressions of the stamps. This is a problem that commences when you keep your ink pad open when not in use. You need to check out the following things when you feel your stamp impression is unclear.

  • When the ink pad is dry
  • When it doesn’t have the required amount of ink
  • Thin-film covering on the ink

#3- Always have a demo to ensure that there is no flaw in the stamp

The successive thing you need to confirm is checking for any flaws in the stamps. If there is any manufacturing defect on the stamp surface or the text and symbols are not accurate, you can also achieve imprecise and unclear stamp impressions. In such cases, you need to check the stamps after you get the delivery. In the demo itself, you can know whether you can get a clear impression or not.

Self Inking Stamps

However, some rules allow you to get the perfect impression from your ink stamps. For getting a perfect impression, you should always push the stamp pad against the ink pad properly. Then you must clearly press it against the desired surface. Don’t keep the stamp for too long against the paper, as you can end up having more ink on the paper.

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