Guidelines Recommended By The Artificial Turf Suppliers Gold Coast To Take Care Of The Turf

Nowadays most people start to show interest in installing synthetic lawns at their residential and commercial places. When compared to the natural grass, it will endure for more years. It is worth what you pay and requires less maintenance. Be sure to choose the trustworthy Artificial Turf Suppliers Gold Coast to buy high-quality products which withstand various weather conditions. The fake turf would pay itself within five years as it won’t require any gardening tools or pesticides. You just need to clean with water once a week to remove the stains and dirt. It won’t require more maintenance and is the best choice for the people who live in drought condition areas. Refer below to know the tips to maintain the artificial lawn which is suggested by the expert suppliers.

Brush The Lawn Often – Suggested By The Artificial Turf Suppliers Gold Coast

The synthetic turf is laid with the sand infill which gives the weight to make it stable. It also offers a structure that creates a realistic look to the fake lawn. The filaments may down due to the weather, foot traffic, or everyday wear. It will bring a dull aspect and the grass blades will look flat. You can maintain its structure by repositioning the sand infill often and the blades. But the lawn brushes are a great option to shape the yard. If your fake grass is initially laid, then wait for some weeks to sand and grass settle properly before brushing. Once they are settled well, you can brush the lawn for 2-4 weeks to keep the grass straight. You have to brush it in a diverse pattern and direction to maintain the lavish aspect.

Rinse The Turf Frequently

To remove the weed or stain, use the water to clean the fake grass. You can rinse it with water once a week to prevent it from bad odor. If you have pets at home, then wash the land when you find the waste. To remove the hardest stains, use the detergent to clean the lawn. Mix the mild detergents with the water and use it in the liquid form to get rid of the toughest stand and debris. It won’t require more, so it will help to save your money from spending on the water bill. The heavier stains such as motor oils, grease, or others can be eliminated by using the mineral spirits.


Control Debris And Weeds

In the natural grass, you can have a weed problem. But the synthetic lawn won’t have more weeds as the film backing on turf rolls will allow the water for drainage. The backing is very helpful at suppressing the growth of anything under the fake turf. A few weeds may grow on the surface, but they will have fewer chances for debris growth. Instead of pulling each weed by hand, you can install the weed killer to solve the problem completely. To protect the integrity of the surface, try to use the water-based herbicide. Ensure to eliminate the natural debris including pet wastes, leaves, and others to prevent blockage in the drainage system.

Maintain Your Grass For The Future

Your synthetic turf would wear, tear, and accidents, but to maintain it for the future you have to follow certain routines. It will help to make the grass to have the same quality and increase its longevity which saves your cost. Usually, the fake lawn will endure for nearly 25 years based on its use and maintenance. To achieve a long lifespan, you have to clean the debris, rinse with water, and brush often. Following these three steps frequently would help to expand its durability. So, try to take care of your yard whenever you get time.

Final Verdicts

By following the above tips, you can maintain the synthetic lawn perfectly. We Auzzie turf offer you high-quality products at a reasonable package. We are one of the best Artificial Turf Suppliers Gold Coast, and you can get products that are easy to maintain.