Caring Tips For The Different Types Of Dentures Ballarat

Everyone loves to see happy smiling faces rather than desperate ones. Isn’t it right? For blooming faces, a smile with whitening teeth is an important factor. What if a person looses his teeth due to gum diseases or any other factors? How can he/she smile publicly without fear? If anyone faces this problem then it can be corrected by Dentures Ballarat. Denture refers to replacing the missing teeth with an artificial one. It will bring back the elegant look one missed and help in smiling confidentially in public. Dentures are of different types and they should be cared like natural teeth. For knowing about how to care and the types, read the following content.

How Are Dentures Made?

The base of the denture is made carefully with pigmented acrylic imitating the natural tissue. This acrylic is widely known as polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA. It is a built-in polished way for giving shiny natural looks at its best. Also, this visible PMMA surface will avoid the growth of bacteria on dentures. By using denture fixative cream, one can escape from discomforts caused by food particles.

Types OF Dentures Ballarat

Generally, dentures are of two types -complete and partial dentures. The former is used to replace all the teeth after its missing while the latter is used when few teeth remain.

  • Complete Dentures: This type of denture can either be conventional or immediate type. Conventional type refers to placing dentures after all the teeth are removed and gums are in a healing stage. Mostly the period for recovery is between 8 to 12 weeks (approx. 3months). Immediate denture placement is completely contradictory to conventional. Here everything takes place in a quick way. Dentures are made in advance and once all the teeth are detached it is replaced with an immediate denture. The biggest benefit is that one doesn’t require to remain toothless until the gums are recovered for fixing conventional dentures. However, in time bones and gums shrink making immediate denture misfit. So, do consider immediate denture as a temporary remedy and give an order for a conventional set.
  • Partial Dentures: Unlike a complete denture, this will help only in replacing several missed teeth rather than a complete upper or lower set. These are generally removable dentures and act as a preserver for remaining teeth. Usually, it is used to replace the front or back portion of the teeth. Most people prefer this denture in case of an accident resulting in loosening of a few teeth and due to decay.
  • Bridges Denture: Some consider bridges denture as a part of partial while others consider it as different. It is regarded as another option of denture because partial can be fixed on both sides while bridge denture can be placed only on one side. Nevertheless, partial isn’t permanently glued while the bridge denture does. Generally, dentists do not prefer bridge dentures if there is a continuous missing of teeth next to each other.

Best Way To Care For Removable Dentures

Be it a complete denture or partial denture, it needs to be cleaned regularly like a natural one. Regular cleaning will help in keeping it away from stains and give a good look. Follow the given steps for clean and good denture

  • Remove & Rinse Denture After Taking Foods: It is advisable to clean the denture after eating. Remove it and run water on it for removing debris and other food particles.
  • Handle It In A Safe Way: Handle the denture in a cautious way. Do not try to bend or damage the plastic. Also do not break the clasps while brushing with bristles.
  • Brush The Denture Regularly: Like natural teeth, denture needs to be brushed regularly. Gently remove the denture and clean it with a soft-bristled brush.

Wrapping Up

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