Business trip packing list

Going on a business trip means representing your company or brand directly to customers, so ensuring its smooth running is essential. Missing one or two items can spell disaster, so its vitally important to be prepared and have everything you need. We are going to make a list of things you will definitely need on your trip – of course, no two business trips are the same, so there may be some more specific things you need to take – but making a list in advance will help you to remember everything. Let’s take a look. 


For a short business trip, a lightweight carry-on suitcase is ideal, not too heavy or cumbersome, and should be enough to contains most of your belongings and trip essentials – except for your laptop. Take a special laptop rucksack with you, with protection for your computer, storage for whatever chargers and cables you need, and extra space for documents, promotional materials, and other items. Don’t pack more than you need – if you have to arrive at a meeting straight from the airport, you don’t want to be out of breath from carrying your luggage. 

Travel documents

Safe to say, you won’t be going anywhere without your travel documents. Passport, ID Card, plane tickets, visa documents where necessary. The best way to keep the documents safe is in a pouch or wallet, so you have them all neatly in one place, for easy access. Some business travelers like to keep the documents attached to their person, so some pouches can be placed around the neck. Don’t forget other potentially useful documents – you may need a driving license, for example. 


A laptop is an essential item to bring on a business trip. Whether you’re working remotely while you’re on the go, giving PowerPoint presentations or product demonstrations to customers, or taking notes in meetings, you’ll need a reliable, lightweight laptop. Make sure that you have every piece of software you need, updated and fully licensed, before you begin your trip – installing a VPN is also a good idea if you’re travelling overseas. And a computer is also useful to relax in the evenings with films or TV shows. 

Business cards 

There is still a place in our lives for printed media – as well as taking leaflets, brochures, and other customer literature with you on your trip, business cards are essential. Great looking, custom-designed cards, printed on quality material, will give off the right impression for you and your company. Business cards are now more than affordable than ever, without compromising on quality. Make sure you take more than you think you need – business trips often throw up chance-encounters, or opportunities to make connections through the customers you’re visiting.

Devices and chargers

More than ever, our world is driven by mobile technology, both in business and in day-to-day life. So, on your business trip you’re almost definitely carrying a smartphone, and probably at least one other device, such as a tablet. Tablets are great for quickly accessing promotional videos and images, as well as being useful when giving presentations. When you’re packing be sure to have every charger or other connecting cable you need for each one. These can be kept organised in a separate compartment of your rucksack. It may be worth investing in a portable power bank – charge it up and keep it with you in case one of your devices runs low on battery. 


It’s important to take medicine with you – if you have prescriptions make sure you have more than you need, and packed somewhere secure and separate from the rest of your belongings. You should also take paracetamol or similar in case you suffer from a headache or other mild symptoms that may prevent you from operating at 100%. Stomach ailments can also put a bad spin on your trip, so take some remedies for those too. 


After a long day meeting customers, giving presentations, and working remotely, it’s important to be able to relax in your hotel room. Stream movies or TV shows on your laptop or tablet, or listen to music on noise cancelling headphones. If you’re a keen reader invest in a Kindle or similar, to take your library on the road with you. 

Travelling for business requires a bit of planning. Following a packing list helps you stay on top of things and puts you on the road to a productive trip.