What Type Of Materials Used To Make Bathtub Melbourne?

Bathtub melbourne

Whenever you feel exhausted, the bathroom is the apt place for you to unwind! Spending a few minutes in the bathtub can make you feel fresh. So, it is essential to choose the best tub that suits well for the look of your place. While selecting the Bathtub melbourne, you may consider the factors such as size, weight, design, and more. Also, it is vital to opt for the one that comes with high-quality material, which lasts for longer. You would find the tubs in diverse materials that fulfill your needs and meet your expectations. Once you know about their features and qualities, then it is useful for you to decide on the right one. Scroll down below to know the different bathtub materials.

Porcelain Enamelled Steel 

Porcelain-enameled steel is a common and affordable bathtub material. It is made from steel sheeting, which coates with porcelain enamel. This is an excellent choice that is durable and easy to clean. Its finishing is resistant to most common chemicals and maintains its gloss for longer. This comes with the standard size and is relatively lightweight. In addition, its coating is naturally resistant to scratching.

Top Common Materials Used In Bathtub Melbourne

Acrylic Bathtub Melbourne

Acrylic bathtubs are a very famous choice due to their incredible versatility, wide choices, durability, and feasible price. It prepares from the vacuum-formed acrylic sheets, which are reinforces with fiberglass. This is relatively easy to install and lightweight, so you can fix them quickly. This is also a non-porous material, so it won’t absorb any water. In addition, this also holds heat from the temperature of your water. As it comes in diverse colors, shapes, and sizes, you can quickly find the best one.


Another affordable bathtub material is fiberglass, which comes with a lightweight. This is made from surface coat layers, polyester resin, and fiberglass reinforcement. Its high-quality finish makes the tub surface easy to clean. You can easily move and install the tub at the restroom based on your convenience. As it has a repairable surface, you never face any hurdles.

Enamelled Cast Iron 

Enamel cast iron is a very durable and classic bathtub material that is very heavy. It makes from mold iron coats with porcelain enamel. A cast-iron tub is a higher-end option and a lasting investment. Though this tub is a little hard to install, it is heavy and may need structural reinforcement of the floor. It has thick enamel that is resistant to chipping and scratching and can be resurfaced. This has a timeless look, which comes with various color options.


You have the option to custom order a bathtub from wood. It’s aesthetically pleasing and can add a natural touch to the bathing space. As the wood is easy to work with, it can be shaped or sized based on your desire. In addition, this tub can add a luxury sense to the bathroom. It has a huge demand due to the feature of holding the heat for longer. To relish an extraordinary bathing experience, consider the wooden bathroom.

Cast Polymer 

Cast polymer bathtub material includes solid surface and engineered natural stone. These are made by molding together minerals, polymeric materials, and resins. They will form a hard material similar to solid-surface countertops. The tubs are usually completed with a gel-coat finish. This is available at a reasonable price and comes with various stunning color choices. In addition, the surface scratches can be buffed out and are easy to clean.

Ceramic Tile 

Looking for the material comes with plenty of designs? If yes, then consider the ceramic tile bathtubs. This is also an affordable choice that you can choose based on your desire. The design variety is one of the crucial benefits of the ceramic tile tub. With the proper maintenance, this material will last for longer. Furthermore, the ceramic is easy to clean, which reduces your work. This tub creates by forming several ceramic tiles together according to the required shape. In addition, it is very easy to mold and place in your bathroom.

Final Verdict 

Be sure to opt for the right Bathtub melbourne from the above choices. At Auzzie tiles & bathroomware, we provide you with first-class bathtubs for your washroom. Now you can renovate your bathroom with our unique and stylish products that provide you a great relaxation. Here you can get the best tubs at a reasonable price, and a customized service experience.