What Are The Benefits Of Porcelain Glossy Finish Melbourne?

Porcelain Glossy Finish Melbourne

The tiling industry is in boom due to surging demand. Launching new tile materials and designs in the market makes it tricky for buyers to choose the right one. If the house owners are looking for the best-of-best tiles for their home, then Porcelain Glossy Finish Melbourne will be an apt choice. Rather than availability in different designs, shapes, and colors, porcelain makes them investment-worthy. However, many confuse the polished and glossy tiles are the same. But there is a difference in these two types and glossy tile benefits the owner in many ways. To find the differentiation of two types and for understanding the advantage of porcelain tiles, continue your read.

Differences Between Polished And Glossy Porcelain Tiles?

Porcelain tiles are available in different materials such as polished, glazed, unpolished, and many other types. Each material differs from one another in its making and texture. For making polished porcelain, the tile requires to be double-fired with the required pattern and color. Subsequently, these tiles are passed under polished wheels with water and polishing substances. At the last stage, the tiles will be sealed for maintaining their appearance. However, the pattern of glossy porcelain tile is different from polished one. Despite the wheeling process, in glazed tiles, the glossy gaze process is used to yield the required results. Depending on the texture, the glossy glaze, and other factors, a porcelain tile can be made thicker or thinner. Even the coloring of the tile depends on this process.

Comparison Between Glossy And Unglazed Porcelain

  • Glossy tiles are more luster than unglazed porcelain.
  • The glazed tiles go through the extra firing processes for getting an additional coating layer.
  • Glazed tiles are comparatively thinner in characteristics.
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Benefits Of Porcelain Glossy Finish Melbourne

Every tile benefits the house owner in different ways and so does the same in the case of glossy porcelain. Listed below are the advantages of porcelain glossy finish tiles.

  • Colors Will Not Fade Easily: Due to the extra firing procedure, the glazed tiles will not lose its colors. The extra coating of the tiles will resist the fading of the tile’s appearance. Mostly glazed tiles are installed indoors rather than outside as it gives out a luxury touch to interiors. However, even if it is tiled outside under direct sunlight, its color won’t dim. In short, the tiles can be used both in interior and exterior and it will make the investment worth the value.
  • Scratch And Strain Resistance Surface: Generally, the porcelain tiles are scratch and stain-resistant and so the same characteristics apply in glazed tiles too. Even in the cases of scratches, the tiles can cover up those stains and marks. So, the tile becomes the perfect option for the kitchen. As the tile also reflects the lights, it will be difficult for the visitor to identify the marks on the tiles. Therefore, this tile option is good for drawing halls in the houses.
  • Easy To Clean & Maintain: Glazed porcelain maintenance is easy and stress-free. Just with the usage of a wet mop, the cleaning can be made easy. So, the house owner doesn’t require spending more time on maintenance and putting much effort to enhance the beauty. Even in the cases of breakage of tile, it is easy to replace just by removing the damaged one rather than working on the whole like in wooden floors.
  • Durability: Glossed porcelain is extremely durable in characteristics. As the tiles have to undergo several processing procedures it is strong. So, the tiles can be installed even in high-traffic areas without much worry. Due to its durability, investing in porcelain will be like a one-time investment for the house owners.
  • Sleek Look: The stunning mirror-like feature of tiles makes any space bigger and brighter. So, if you are looking for an option for smaller rooms, opt for glossy tiles. Its light-bouncing character will make the room seems bigger than the original. Nevertheless, the coating feature will give a rich and elegant modern décor look to the rooms.
  • Wide Variety Of Color, Designs, Patterns & Sizes: The biggest advantage of porcelain tiles is that it is available in various colors, designs, sizes, and pattern. Therefore, if you love to beautify your home with a wide variety of colors, glossy porcelain will be an apt choice. Even in the usage of contrasting colors of tiles, the look of the room will not be affected.

 Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned are the advantage of Porcelain Glossy Finish Melbourne that makes your investment worth and long-lasting for many years. To find the qualitative tiles with a 10-years warranty make your purchase at Auzzie Tiles & Bathroomware. Our professional team will supply and team the tiles at affordable costs.