Innovative Usage of Personalized Envelope Seals

Candle Wax Envelope Seals

Looking back on the old days, the invitation was engraved in black ink with a motif or ornament. Simple and elegant, they were certainly beautiful, but a touch of color, a creepy detail, and colorful candle wax envelope seals would make them better. But it all depends on the occasion. An invitation to a garden party or afternoon tea allows for a less formal invitation than dinner or a wedding, so more comfortable themes are allowed. Here are some helpful tips for being the perfect host for all your parties and celebrations:

Ready to write an invitation

It’s always good to have them on hand because candle wax envelope seals will be useful for last-minute events or invite someone you forgot to on a nearby date after all our bespoke and personal invitations are over. In simpler or more elaborate designs, modern or vintage, they will add a lot of character to your collection. You do not need to order large quantities of them so you have a lot of different designs. They can be used for many different occasions with spaces for handwriting your personal statement, as they allow you to specify details of specific events and celebrations. Whether there are only four guests or a dozen, you just use the exact number you need. Make them look a little different each time using different pens and envelopes of different colors.

Personal invitation

Add personal touch to the envelope with wax seals are usually available in a selection of different designs that can be customized with your own name, description, date, and RSVP details. Stylish motifs, unique pictures, elegant monograms, seals, silk bows, and handmade decorations. With simple words. Create your own by choosing your words, typeface style, ink colors, cards, and envelopes.

Special invitation

If you want to be unique, Bespoke invitations are a great choice, tailored entirely to your own needs and specifications. You can have any idea or request in mind, paper with a unique texture, different sizes, shape designs, printing methods, typeface styles, and combinations, everything is possible. The designer will create PDF design presentations for the layout and then you will be able to choose from paper and cards, colors, envelopes, and more.

Email invitation

Like e-cards, they are useful and fast, but less personal. You can simply design an invitation yourself and save it in a digital format ready to attach to email, or just write directly using a nice typeface style or with colors and typeface size. And when you send it, try to make it more personal and send your contacts one by one. If the list is too large, bcc them instead of cc.

Handmade invitations

Many handmade invitations are available at select stores and websites, but if you are creative with some talent in design, it can be fun to give your own handmade invitations. If your handwriting is good then a nice paper card with colored personalized envelope seals or a card with a ribbon bow would be appropriate. Otherwise, choose a good thick card and print it with a good printer. You can decorate it with glitter, punch a corner with a motif puncher or stamp the motif with some ink. For more details about wax envelope seals, contact Seals4You.