How To Use Garden Bags Brisbane For Plants?

Garden Bags Brisbane

Growing plants is becoming a new trendy hobby for many! The focus of planting is to enhance the space and to kill the time usefully. Cultivating floras at home can also reduce the purchasing of veggies from the stores. But not all house owner has sufficient area to grow plants, so most make their planting on balconies and in other limited space. Garden Bags Brisbane are used to grow shallow root plants as they are re-usable. But the proper installation of plants on the bag is necessary for its healthy growth. To know how to use garden bags for plants, just scroll and continue the read.

Purchase The Right Garden Bags Brisbane

The first and foremost step is to buy a growing bag for your plants. You can get it from a plant bag manufacturer or the nursery. However, before buying you need to know about how big the plant will grow. Find the bag that can fit your plant root without any hindrance. Avoid buying large bags too, unless, the growing plant is larger. The subsequent step is to fill the bottom of the bag with clay pebbles or perlite. This will avoid the susceptibility of improper drainage.

Add Soil And Loosen It Up

Next, you can use gardening soil to fill the growing bag. There is the availability of compost specifically made soil for container plants. You can use it or make your right mix by getting a consultation. An ideal mix is 1/3 moss, 1/3 compost, and 1/3 vermiculite for garden bags. Do not fill up the growing bag completely, leave some space at the top of the bag. Once you complete the process, shake the bag and loosen it up. You need to assure the even-like spread of soil on the bag.

Know The Right Steps For Planting In Garden Bags Brisbane

Make Drainage Hole

After the second step, pierce some holes at the bottom of the bag for proper drainage. In case, the bags do have holes then you can skip this part. The size should be small and there must be a gap of about 1.5cm between the two holes.

Add Plants

Now you can install the shallow-root plants into the bag. For small size bags, planting tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, and strawberries is a good choice. Use the plants that can grow in your living climatic condition. Larger bags are ideal to grow tree-like plants.

Scoop Out The Soil

After placing the plant into the bag, move to the destination where you want to grow. While keeping the floras consider the amount of sunlight it receives. Then you can scoop out a certain amount of soil to make sufficient room for the growth of plants. Then place the root balls into the scooped area. Ensure to cover the entire plant ball in the soil.

Ending Words

The above-given are the right steps for installing plants into Garden Bags Brisbane. If you want to buy the best quality garden bag then visit Auzzie Bulk Bags. We offer different sizes of bags made out of poly and fabric materials. Customization order according to customers’ requirement is also offered. To buy our supreme-quality bag log on to the.