How To Have A Fantastic Side Hustle

Side Hustle

If you’re struggling with money in 2023 due to the cost of living crisis, or simply want to save more money in order to put down a house deposit, you might want to start a side hustle. There are many ways you can utilise your already existing skills in order to have a fantastic side hustle in 2023, and there are many ways you can instantly increase your income without too much time. Here are 7 of the best side hustles you should consider in 2023.

Get Into Bitcoin Trading

Many people start trading in stocks, bonds and cash in order to have a return on their investment which acts as a side hustle. However, cryptocurrency is one of the best ways a new investor can get into investing, which could provide a great return. By researching innovative Bitcoin trading strategies and how much money you need to put into Bitcoin, you could end up making a lot of money as long as you watch the market carefully. Many people are making a fortune by trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, so start today if you want to make money.

Self-Publishing Books

Are you an expert on something that is very lucrative at the moment, such as SEO or social media advertising? Why not consider creating a book that trains people in a course, so they can learn from your skills? Your book could go into great detail about your experience and training, allowing people to learn from your writings. If writing isn’t your forte, why not make low-content books such as diaries and journals? Many people are making a lot of money by self-publishing books on Amazon KDP and other platforms, so why not give it a go for yourself?

Sell Courses

If you like the idea of educating people in something you’re an expert in, but you’re not much of a writer – you could try making video courses instead. A video course is more versatile than a book, as you can show your skills in real time and create a more visual display for the people who buy your course. There are courses online on everything, from copywriting to floristry, so no matter your skills you can create an amazing course that could make you a lot of money.

Testing Apps and Platforms

One of the best side hustles for someone who is always on their phone is to test developing apps and platforms for developers. There are many firms that need testers for apps and platforms that haven’t been released yet, including market research firms, app and game developers and website designers. By doing these tests, the money could add up very quickly for not much effort. This is one of the best no-cost side hustle ideas, as it costs absolutely nothing to sign up. It can also have significantly high payouts for not a large amount of time. Swagbucks, UserTesting and Enroll are some of the best platforms to look at if you think this is the side hustle for you.

Freelance Work

This is one of the most well-established and trusted side hustles and is proven to make money. Freelance graphic designers, SEO copywriters, content editors and website developers are in high demand, so you can easily set up a freelance business. However, plenty of other fields may offer freelance opportunities, so make sure that you’re doing your research when it comes to your field. You should also double-check with your current workplace that you’re cleared to do freelance work – you don’t want to risk your current employment for your side hustle!

Become an Influencer

Have you got a large following on social media for the content you create – if so, have you considered monetising your content or becoming an influencer to promote certain products? You could earn money through affiliate links, or through promoting a product through your content. Putting adverts on your content is also a great way to passively earn money through your influencer platform. If you’ve got a healthy following on social media, becoming an influencer may be an option to consider if you want a side hustle that pays out a lot.

Sell Artisan Products

If you create artisan products such as candles, woodworking, knitting projects and more – have you considered selling them on websites like Etsy or Depop? You could also sell these products at local markets and in local shops, however, you could also create your own website via Shopify or Square. When you decide on your product prices, you should factor in your time, materials and delivery cost. However, when you set up your business, you might want to consider getting export credit insurance. This could help protect you financially in case you get a large order overseas, and your customer can no longer pay you. Cyber insurance may also be a good idea if you build your own website, which will protect you in case get hacked by cybercriminals.