How to Handle the Deadly carcinogenic Asbestos!? – Spill kits and PPEs

It is not something that we humans have created – Asbestos. It is a material that we all have been using in building constructions. Naive and unknown all till that the material was fatal. How? Studies found out that it was carcinogenic. And then it came down to discarding it away, safely. It is strictly advised to use the best spill kits Australia while handling Asbestos. When it is mixed in paints and oils, use the best spill pallets Australia too. But why? We will tell you all the bits and blades of it. Yes! Blades!

What is Asbestos?

The tale roots back to some 300 BCE. It is believed that one fine day one of Aristotle’s student stumbled upon it. He found out that there is a mineral that looks like rotten wood. Another thing he observed was that this mineral is remarkably resistant to heat. And then humans started using it all since, but today.

Asbestos is generally a name given to a group of six fibrous minerals. These minerals occur all around the nature and have a fibrous texture to them. This makes it possible to separate them into thin sheets and even threads. They are silicate compounds, which means that they contain silicon and oxygen in them. But here is the deadly thing about them.

Why are asbestos deadly?

Because they have a fibrous nature and are resistant to high heat, they turn deadly. Asbestos is also stronger than steel. And what happens when someone stabs you with a spear of steel?

When asbestos get broken, the mineral dust spreads out into the air and get airborne. These airborne particles work like really tough and tiny blades of hard material. These tiny blades then enter lungs and stab the delicate alveoli. This creates scar tissue that kicks the body’s immune system. The body tries to kill the hard fiber particle, but to no avail. This creates a pool of dead tissues and lungs get damaged. A study shows that more workers have died from ails related to asbestos than any other workplace injury.

A proper set of guidelines should be followed while handling these deadly set of minerals. Best spill kits (Australia) is always suggested.

How to safely handle and discard Asbestos! – best spill kits and PPEs.

First of all, never try to saw or drill the asbestos material. This will make it turn into tiny bullets that could get inside lungs and inflict severe damage. Then you need to have proper protective equipment. Here is a list of equipment required:

  • Asbestos Waste Disposable Bags.
  • Rubber gloves and boots.
  • Disposable overall.
  • High quality goggles.
  • High quality respirators approved for asbestos.

Here are few tips to follow while dealing with asbestos.

  • Do not turn on AC or fans while dealing with asbestos.
  • Try using wet clothes while dealing with it to reduce dust getting aerosol.
  • Try not to break the components made with asbestos.
  • Drilling or sawing will break the material into fine dust. Never do it.
  • Keep people without proper PPEs and best spills kits away.
  • Remove the clothes in the same ward before leaving and dispose them off in the Asbestos Waste Disposable Bags approved by experts.
  • Never try it by your own self if you are not an expert.

Is it the end? Well, people are getting aware about the possible dangers that it lays before us all. This is why certain countries have even banned asbestos to be used. But where will all this waste go? Well, it earlier was in nature too. We just carved it into something else. Research shows that under high heat this could be turned into silicate. High heat breaks down the tiny fibers that asbestos has.

Use always best spill kits (Australia) and PPEs. If asbestos has been used in paint then we suggest using best spill pallets (Australia). Our lives have a possibility to stay beautiful and sane, and we can let it be by not showing ignorance.