Home Essentials: How Air Condition Filter Benefits Your Home

Are you suffering from allergies lately or do you often find yourself getting sick when you spend significant time indoors? You might want to consider checking your air conditioning filters.

Nowadays, we understand how important it is to have clean quality indoor air and how it can contribute to our health significantly. After spending a lot of time at home during the pandemic, many of us realised the many joys of staying at home. However, as we spend more time indoors, we might risk harbouring all sorts of pathogens and allergens at home.

The easiest yet most economical way to deal with this issue is to upgrade your air conditioner filter. Good filters can keep the indoor air clean and free from airborne illnesses. Here are some of the top benefits of air conditioning filters:

Benefits of Air Conditioning Filters


Reduce the risk of airborne diseases

The air we breathe can make us sick as certain pathogens can stay long floating in the air. When you have efficient air-conditioning filters, you can reduce these risks. A high-quality filter will be able to eliminate these pathogens from being released back into the air.

Improve airflow

Dirty air condition filters affect the airflow, causing it to slow down. When this happens, the air conditioning unit will have to work hard to supply cool air indoors. If the debris and dust get caught in the filter, they will disrupt the airflow. On the other hand, a working air filter improves airflow.

Prevent allergies

A good filter improves the overall indoor air quality and makes sure you’ll get clean air free from dust or pollen. An air filtration system significantly improves allergy symptoms, such as wheezing and watery eyes. A study in 2018 showed a significant reduction in symptoms of allergies after a four-week trial of air purification technology.

Prolong air conditioner lifespan

When the air conditioning unit is working hard constantly, it will eventually break down. Unfortunately, when this happens you will have to spend a lot on maintenance and repairs. Taking simple steps like replacing it with efficient filters can do wonders for the unit and prolong its lifespan. Getting new filters is way cheaper than fixing the unit.

Good smelling home

There is something therapeutic and relaxing with a good smelling home. Foul-smelling homes due to smoke or the presence of pets can be a source of stress. Air condition filters can help reduce unpleasant indoor odour, and you get to enjoy your home and relax.

Better sleep

A study from the University of Denmark showed how bedroom air quality can impact our sleep. People tend to sleep better when the room has a good temperature and clean air. About 60% of those who sleep in highly polluted areas experience poor sleep quality based on a 2017 study.

People also feel groggy the next day when sleeping in a poorly ventilated room. The presence of carbon dioxide, moulds and allergens causes a variety of discomfort, which affects the quality of sleep.

Energy saving

Clean filters allow the air conditioning unit to use less energy because of better airflow. Oftentimes, when the filter is full of dust and particles, the unit has to work more to provide the right temperature, thus resulting in increased energy consumption.

Friendly for the environment

Do you know that having a clean filter contributes to the good of the environment?

When filters are dirty, it takes more energy for the air conditioner to provide cool air. The more energy we use, the more harm we create for the environment and contribute to global warming. Changing your filters regularly will not only benefit your electricity bill but also be a way to protect the environment.

Reduce asthma episodes

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease, and several studies showed the connection of indoor air quality with the recurrence of asthma, especially among young kids. Air purifiers have been seen as one of the effective ways to reduce asthma episodes in a household. When you invest in good air conditioning filters, you can make a big difference in the health of those who have asthma.

Cleaner House

Air conditioning filters can minimise dust in your home, which is a bonus benefit for every housewife. It helps cut your time dusting or removing dirt at home. The more frequent you can filter, the less you have to deal with dust build-up. Air filters trap dust, so you won’t have to worry about dust recirculating back into the home.

How Often Should You Change the Filters?

There is no exact time because certain factors can affect the frequency of replacing the filters. Room size, types of filters, the area where you live, pets and presence of respiratory diseases are some of the factors that you should take into consideration. Nonetheless, replacing it regularly will help you get the best out of your air-conditioning unit.

For fibreglass air filters, the ideal time would be every three months, while the latest pleated type filters can be replaced every nine months. However, if you are suffering from allergies, changing the filters every 45 days is advisable.

When replacing the filter, make sure to get the right size and type. To keep track of the replacement schedule, mark it in your calendar.


Air conditioner filters play a significant role in ensuring clean air indoors. They can protect everyone in the household from getting sick, reduce allergies and improve our sleep quality.

In addition, efficient filters are environment-friendly as they help reduce energy use. You get to enjoy not only clean air but also a clean house. You don’t have to deal with the dust and foul smell when you have a good filter.

Lastly, by getting a good filter you are prolonging the lifespan of your air conditioning unit at home. No expensive repairs. Simply replace the filters and you’ll see and feel a huge difference in terms of indoor air quality and efficiency.