Give Some Common Misconception About Artificial Grass Geelong

Artificial Grass Geelong

Want to give a stunning look to your garden then choose the Artificial Grass Geelong. But while trying to buy it one must have to face some myths about it. From being too expensive to not a good one for the environment and still many more misconceptions are spreading about it. And such false thoughts made people reluctant to choose this. If you did want to buy it but step away because of those myths read the below lines. It’ll help you to understand what is true and what is not about the fake lawn. Without any further talk, let’s get started to read.

Artificial Grass Geelong Is Too Expensive To Offer

One of the major misconceptions about fake turf is they are expensive so all couldn’t offer that. But it’s not true, even a quality one comes at an affordable price. After buying it you have to install them, you have to spend money on these procedures only. Maintenance has its own benefits. If it’s a natural one you have to continuously mow and water it and use a trimmer on them. But a synthetic one doesn’t require all those. What it needs is a regular brushing in a foot traffic area and a wash by normal water to last long.

Doesn’t Look Real

It was once true but not anymore. From the time it got invented, there is not a lot of growth in technologies. So, it couldn’t provide a good look. But in recent days because of the evaluation in landscape technology artificial lawns are providing a natural look. It even makes one get confused about whether it’s fake or not. But the one thing you need to consider is the pile destiny and height. For example, if you choose the one with higher destiny it’ll surely provide you with a natural look. As for height don’t aim for too high, something in between 35mm to 40mm can give you a real look.


Not Safe For Pet & Kids

Compared to the real one artificial one will make your kids and pets more comfortable to play on. The possibilities of dust and dirt staying on it are very low, so your child can play safely. If your kids fall into the natural grass they’ll get injured but it didn’t happen on the synthetic turf. It even has a cushion on its underlay which helps make it perfect to play on. As for your pets, they can ruin your garden by destroying the plants. With that, with their muddy paws, they’ll walk into your place. All these are impossible in fake turf.

Bad For Environment

It too was past tense, people find some harmful toxins after the years of use, but it was in its beginning. As days went by manufacturers started to use products which are not harmful. If you want to make sure of these, you can check with a supplier whether their materials are tested or not. With quality manufacturers, you can even get samples and use them before buying them. Also compared to real one artificial grass is surely an environmentally friendly product. Natural grass needs gas-filled mowers and a regular water supply. One is harmful to your surrounding and another leads to water conception.

Only Apt For Sports

Like several myths, it too was once happened. Most people invented it with the purpose to use it in playgrounds and sports stadiums. Those times one found it hard to get a regular well-maintained ground to play. So, sportsman finds their comfort in an artificial one. But a lot goy attracted by it and installing them at their recital areas, offices, restaurants, bars and in many places to enhance the look of that. That’s what makes the demand for synthetic turf.

Final Lines

The above lines talk about some of the famous myths about the Artificial Grass GeelongLeaving all those behind want to enhance your place then go to, Auzzie Turf our products are high in quality and we have seven years in warranty. So, without reluctance contact us and go with your own choice.