Emergency Medical Supplies: Choosing the Best Medical Supply Store in Australia

From testing supplies (e.g. diabetic tests) to orthopaedic necessities (e.g. knee braces), companies that provide medical supplies in Australia have a wide variety of selections to cater your condition-specific needs.

In this guide, we’ve rounded up the best medical store suppliers for particular categories related to your medical needs. Check them out below.

TacMed Australia

TacMed Australia is a veteran-owned medical supply store, as well as a training company that aims to bring the innovation in battlefield medicine to frontliners. They have decades of experience in terms of what medical ‘tools’ will work and what will not.  

Their goal is to deliver more than what they promise and make sure they are doing their best first hand so as to make a good lasting impression. They have high-quality medical products from various well-known brands. 


When it comes to premium global strategies—outstanding service, ethical pricing and quality products—Dexcon is a name you can trust. They work together with companies and manufacturers across different industries for PPE and other medical supplies solutions. They provide you with first-rate quality materials.

Having a good and credible source for medical or hospital supplies is vital, especially in times of medical crisis. That being said, Dexcon has a wide array of high-grade medical supplies and PPE solutions. They also offer a complete stock of medical devices, nitrile gloves, COVID-19 antigen rapid test kits, respirators and so much more.

The Dexcon team aims to create a sustainable service that combines ethical pricing and excellent service. All of their medical supplies are at the best price. 

St. John

St. John is a non-profit and charitable organisation that offers a comprehensive list of excellent medical store supplies like first aid kits, surgical masks and test kits. They have been providing first aid in Western Australia for more than 126 years, giving you the best resources possible for specific medical demands. 

They offer a wide variety of defibrillators, first aid kits, oxygen therapy, emergency medical supplies, signage and publications. These will give you the confidence boost you need in times of a first aid circumstance.

St. John also aims to deliver superior ambulance service while leading the state nationally. 


Another leading source of quality medical supply brands in Australia is NEANN. Allied Healthcare is one of their trusted brands of resuscitation equipment and oxygen regulator. Some of the medical products they offer to the Australian market are first aid kits, CPAP units, equipment bags, portable ventilator and pulse oximeters. 

Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions is a wholesale distributor of good quality first aid kits and medical supplies at affordable prices. Apart from these, they also specialise in bandages, defibrillators, wound dressings and other essential products. They even offer online and on-site courses, such as first aid training, oxygen administration, anaphylaxis training and defibrillation. 

First Aid Kits Australia

Looking for high-quality and trusted first aid kits supply in Melbourne? First Aid Kits Australia is your go-to shop, an Australian-owned and operated business. Every kit they sell is well manufactured under the TGA licence and standards. 

More and more people, businesses, emergency medical staff, paramedics and organisations rely on their first aid kits. First Aid Kits Australia strongly believes that having the finest first aid kit supply makes a huge difference in every situation that needs one. 

Health Direct

Working towards the community and state to boost the health of every Australian is what Health Direct Australia’s aim is. They partner with state, federal and territory governments to address challenges and priorities across social service, ageing and health sectors. 

They deliver health services and supplies in several policy areas and jurisdictions in a world of high consumer expectations and demands. Additionally, they provide self-help digital medical tools and systems to make sure you have access to updated health supplies. 

Aero Healthcare

Aero Healthcare is a wholesaler and manufacturer of industry-leading medical supplies and high-grade first aid kits. From testing kits, PPE, surgical gloves to first-aid training supplies, Aero Healthcare is the one to call. They are also a distributor of Brayden manikins and supplies organisations in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide and across other Australian cities and states. 


If you’re looking for a medical supplier with extensive experience in procuring topnotch medical products in the Australian market, Medilogic is the right choice. Their amazing stash of health and medical store supplies varies from medical furniture, surgical instruments to general medical equipment. 

On top of that, Medilogic also supplies Australian providers like hospitals, aged-care facilities, medical centres and other medical specialists. You can choose from their extensive stock of medical supplies, including vital signs machines, vaccine fridges, autoclaves, medical carts and other medical equipment.

How to Choose a Good Medical Supplier? 

You need to be critical when choosing the right medical supply store, as some don’t have much to offer and their merchandise is not high-quality, plus they are more pricey.

Searching for medical supplies near you will give you tons of results. Here are some of the key points to guide you:

  • Quality of Medical Supplies 

Quality is of utmost importance in the medical world as it contributes to obtaining accurate readings and results. Having high-quality medical equipment improves the overall productivity in the medical office. 

  • Satisfaction of Customers 

Establishing a good connection is the foundation of a great working relationship. 

That’s why trusted and reliable medical suppliers should be dedicated to your satisfaction. The services and products they provide should meet your budget and needs. 

To a committed supplier, customer satisfaction is everything. Hence, they will direct you on the best medical supplies they can get. 

  • Technical Know-how 

A reputable supplier should have good technical expertise. This is one of the aspects you shouldn’t take for granted as it helps suppliers determine which medical equipment is best suited to your needs.

This is just basic information when purchasing medical supplies in Australia. It is still better to do your own research and see which company will best fit your needs. And be sure to transact only with a reliable and trustworthy supplier.