Do you need the Best Spill Kits for Your Chemical Lab?

Spill kits are great to save numerous lives in the tragic times. We never know when can an accident happen and thus stay prone to fatality. When it comes to spills, hazardous spills, there are kits that help prevent the damage. They are great. But they do cost some and this is why not all do keep it ready around. But what if you deal into stuff that challenges health and safety? Take Chemical Labs for example. Do you need to buy now the Best Spill Kits Australia for your chemical lab as per the Australian Laws?

Best Spill Kits for your Chemical Lab and the Australian Laws!

There are laws around the health and safety of people in the working environment. And these laws do not just cover the labs dealing into chemicals but also industries that deal into chemicals. It ensures that people and the environment stay safe from any possible damage. Here are few example of the industries that deal into chemicals and might require spill kits as per the Australian Laws –

  • Farming industries dealing into poisons and chemicals.
  • Chemical manufacturing units and the warehouses used to store these chemicals.
  • Research laboratories dealing into hazardous chemicals.
  • Leather manufacturing units that use toxic chemicals to process things.
  • Industries dealing in paints and lubricants.
  • Paper, Pharma, and Plastic industries that use hazardous chemicals to treat things.

And the list goes on. There are laws that tell what chemicals are hazardous. In Australia, the Work Health and Safety Act has classified chemicals that are hazardous and must be stored in a certain way. Check the label of the product or check the name under the WHS Act.

Now it comes to if you need to buy now the best spill kits (Australia) or not!

Australian Laws that mandates the use of kits and PPEs!

When it comes to laws around health and hazards, Australia is strict. The Work Health and Safety Act (also known as Occupation Health and Safety, OHS) requires any person or entity dealing in hazardous materials to ensure proper safety.

Section 357 of WHS requires any person or industry to ensure that a proper spill containment system has been placed as required to protect the workforce and the environment from any possible hazard.

It also goes on to state that the negligence will lead to an individual penalty of $6,000 and a $30,000 penalty to the industry. Apart from it, the legal costs would bring extra havoc. And if there are any casualties involved, then the company can go through dreadful legal consequences.

Furthermore, Section 116 of EPA requires one to practice proper safety measures to ensure the protection of the environment. It goes on to say that if a person willfully or negligently causes spillage of hazardous chemicals or oils that further go on to harming the environment, then the person or industry will be found guilty and will be charged under offenses done. This is why you need the best spill kits (Australia) so that these legal costs stay away. If you are an individual storing hazardous chemicals, then check for the allowed limits to an individual.

And it is not just about the legal costs. Human lives surpass any cost imaginable. Millions of people die around in the world due to a lack of proper spill kits and PPEs. Thus, if you find yourself to be dealing into chemicals then never fall short on bringing the best spill kits in your work area. Buy now some if there is a need.