De-SEO: What to do when you get the wrong audience on your website!

We understand that you did all you could around SEO and Link Building. You even had started to get a flow of visitors. There were smiles on your faces, but for a moment alone. You saw that the customers you were getting were the wrong customers. What went wrong? And how to deal with this situation? Can hiring the best link building services Australia, PerfectLinkBuilding asks, solve this? Or is this an SEO issue? PerfectLink Building is one of the best link building company Australia and thus we got the chance to speak with their experts. It said that most people ignore what we often call mis-SEOing. It means handling the SEO naively. This leads to huge issues. How to deal with it?

Doing the SEO is not the end; doing the SEO correctly is the end and the beginning.

Things to do when you get the wrong visitors for your website!

A company opens a website to attract customers. In this digital age, this is the requirement. The success of a business now depends on its digital success because people now spend most of their time online. And for a website to rise over to the digital skies, it must follow certain things. But sometimes things go wrong because of a lack of expertise. This leads to attracting the wrong crowd. This happens in the real-world too.

1 – Reasons why you get wrong and irrelevant visitors!

Suppose you open a restaurant that holds a specialty in scallops. You thus hire a marketer to spread the word. But the marketer mishears your dish name and goes out. He starts speaking to people about your restaurant, “have you heard of this TuTu restaurant? It serves the best escalope in the world. You must try it.” And then the next day you see customers opening the door. You smile at each other and greet. But a minute later you come to know that they have come for an escalope and not a scallop. Similar things happen in the digital world. For many reasons, wrong set of customers starts coming in.

The above is just one example of how SEO goes wrong. There are many other reasons behind why SEO goes wrong sometimes. This happens the most when we Over-Optimise for SEO. We do so much of SEO that it eventually starts sagging us. It is like a guy who wears so much of perfume that it actually starts to push away people.

What to do in such cases?

One big reason behind this is optimising for wrong keywords. Another reason is the use of generic keywords that could easily mean other things. For example, if you name your business ‘Aeroplane’, you might get visitors who were just searching to know the meaning of aeroplane.

Optimising for generic keywords!

Some terms mean the same thing. For example a pie. A pie is a dish that most of us love, and also pie is a mathematical constant – π. You might be targeting the audience that is interested in maths but might be getting the audience with drooling tongues and sparkling eyes.

Another example is when you use URL that is based on generic terms. For example, you might name your URL with the domain name defineundefine. Now, there might be people who just want to know the meaning of undefine. If they see your website instead of meaning, then it is a problem for you both. Why is it bad to get customers that are not meant for your business? Is not getting high traffic a good thing? Well, no!

Traffic is not the only ranking signal, bounce rate, user retention rate, and average page time are other signals that impact ranking. If you are getting 100 customers out of which 50 are useless to you, then there is a problem. Those 50 will skip back instantly and your bounce rate will peak. Google will take this hint as a website that is not of quality.

Optimising for wrong keywords!

Another situation where people start getting the wrong set of customers is when they optimise for the wrong keywords. It could be a result of some homophonous terms like bear and beer. You might be optimising for beer but getting customers interested in bear.

Or if you have hired an SEO and link building agency then they might be using blackhat tactic to serve you some quick results. Know that it does not work anymore and your website gets hurt alone. It is always recommended to hire an expert SEO and best link building services Australia, PerfectLinkBuilding said. The present is of those going the Google way. You can be creative but should not use foul SEO methods.

Blackhat SEO methods are those shortcuts that work on manipulating the search engines and rank higher on the SERP. For example, you might stuff your homepage with primary keywords to trick the Search Engine into thinking that you have the quality. It is similar to a street hawker shouting sausages-sausages-sausages half the time in the day.

As you know how things go wrong and you attract the wrong set of customers, how to deal with this same?

2 – How to De-SEO / reverse SEO / De-Optimise to target the right audience?

One thing you’d want to do is to avoid using generic terms. This can often lead to rebranding over digital platforms. This can really be required at one or another stage. Rebranding is really a tough job because people tend to work subconsciously. They still will remember your old brand name and search for it for long often. It would be hard to turn things around. The advice is to hire a professional digital marketer and campaigner. It will include SEO and link building experts. The links that have already been formed need to be dealt with too. PerfectLink Building is one of the best link building company Australia and can help you out dealing with SEO and Link Building issues.

In case rebranding is not required, you might want to remove your pages from search results. Google has provided a platform to help website owners remove pages hosted on their sites from Google. It is a good way to tell Google that you do not want your pages to be shown on Google for this term. It is a great way to avoid unwanted traffic. It is filtering the crowd to let the right ones come in.

You might always want to keep a balance when it comes to SEO and link building. Old-school methods work no more and thus you must avoid them. It will help you get ready for the future of searching. When it comes to the best link building services in Australia, PerfectLinkBuilding ranks the chart. PerfectLink Building is one of the best link building company in Australia and can help you take your website to that graceful summit it deserves. It is an investment that businesses require in the modern world to surpass competitors and get the right traffic.